Multiple Gerbils....

Q:Do you have to have two gerbils together? Im not aloud to have more than one.

A:Yes, we have two gerbils who live together, for the simple reason those gerbils where bred together, raised together, and are both girls.... if they where not any one of those things it would not be a good idea to have them together. ;) Most gerbils are solitary animals, they can end up hurting each other if they live together, I guess that means we are lucky huh? Hope that helps!

Can Gerbils Eat Pine Branches

Can Gerbils Eat Pine Branches:

I have heard this question asked a lot so here is a quick answer for everyone wondering.

NO! Can Gerbils Eat Pine Branches is a NO!
Pine is hazardous to gerbils, and can give them infections and should not be put with gerbils.

Can Gerbils Have Note Book Paper

Can gerbils have note book paper?

So the answer is: Yes,
Note book paper is a lot like bleached paper, so although it's not bad for gerbils it is still best for gerbils to chew on unbleached paper. Some unbleached paper items for gerbils to chew on and nest with are;
  • Paper towel or toilet paper tubes
  • Cardboard egg cartons, (if clean and have no egg residue)
  • Peices of packing boxes
  • Brown paper bags
These are all good chewing and nesting paper for gerbils, but yes, note book paper and bleached white paper are also fine.

Suggestion: Ripping the paper into shreds or crumbling it into a ball before putting it in your gerbil's cage makes it easier for the gerbils to grab and start chewing, ripping the paper for nesting which is what your gerbils will most likely do with the paper.

Can Pet Gerbils Chew on Sticks From Outside?

A question that was asked was the following: Can Pet Gerbils Chew on Sticks From Outside?

The quick answer is yes!

Can Pet Gerbils Chew on Sticks From Outside?

  • Sticks from outside are great for gerbils to chew on! They must follow the follwoing guidelines:
  • Must have no very sharp edges, no nails are glass... no sharpens ends etc
  • Must not have oils or other substances on them
  • Must not be cleaned with any cleaning prducts, these can be dangerus for the gerbils
  • Must be cleaned in hot water before put in with the gerbil

Place in freezer once the stick is dry, due this over night, to kill any small bugs or bug eggs
that may be on the stick..this will prevent your gerbil from illness.

Then the sticks from outside may be placed in with your gerbil! Enjoy!

Can Gerbils Eat Pine Nuts

A question that is often asked is: Can Gerbils Eat Pine Nuts

Can Gerbils Eat Pine Nuts? Yes.. the may!

  • Gerbils can eat pine nuts: They are just like a yumy treat for them! In fact the are not only yummy for pet gerbils but are healthy as well!
Remeber just like humans gerbils have different tastes, if your gerbil doesn't like or seem to eat the pine nuts, it's ok! The probably just don't like them... try another nut!

How Long Does it Take for Gerbils to Become Full Size?

A common question is: How long does it take before a gerbil is full size?

So how long does it take before a gerbil is full size: About 6 months from birth.

  • After 6 Months: By this time your gerbil should be about 6-9 inches long including the tail. This is an estimate, every gerbil is different. Some gerbils may take up to a year to become full grown... due to stress, food shortage, etc.

...Have Fun!

Can Gerbils Eat Raw Almonds

A Question I was asked was: Can Gerbils Eat Raw Almonds?

The simple answer to the question: "Can gebils eat raw almonds" is yes.

  • Gerbils can eat raw almonds among other raw nuts: RAW nuts and seeds are always best to give a gerbil, but unsalted/unflavored will work also. Flavored or sometimes even just salted nuts or seeds can be harmful to a pet gerbil, so these are not a good idea to give these to them.
Gerbils will often enjoy getting a Almond or two, but do remember that gerbils are small animals and will not eat very many so one or two almonds really does do the trick!